Cap'n Shebang~ (etacanis) wrote in promptbingo,
Cap'n Shebang~

The Start [Original]

 Title: The Start
Fandom: Original
Rating: G
Warnings: None.
Word Count: 211
Summary: This is how it started. This is why we're here.
Prompt: Blow a kiss.

It all started with a kiss from the other side of the room.

He must've seen me looking. I don't know how he could miss me looking. To me, it felt like there was nobody else in that room. We were the only two there – everything else was just a blur of colour, a murmur of words I couldn't pick out.

I was staring, I'm sure. My eyes were burning with the need to blink. I kept them open.

He set down his drink on the table, turned away from the woman he was talking to. Later, I would find out that she was his sister. She was his best friend too. They told each
other everything. They must have spoken about me. Maybe they even argued over which of them I was really looking at.

I didn't drop my gaze when he looked back at me. I didn't turn away, pretend I hadn't been looking. I blinked, but I never looked away.

He stared back for a moment, but then he lifted a hand to his mouth. He must've have pressed his lips to his fingers. Then, he held his hand out and blew.

I caught it and he smiled.

That's how it started. That's why we're here today.
Tags: author: etacanis, fandom: original
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