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About promptbingo
promptbingo is a panfandom/original fiction prompt challenge community. One day, etacanis was bemoaning the fact there weren't many challenge communities for original fiction. Thus, she was inspired to start her own (mostly by yelling at chispas), and decided to allow fandom pieces too due to them being her guilty pleasure.

To get started, simply join the community and sign up and let us know which categories you wish to write in, what fandom you'll be writing in, and wait to be assigned your prompt list. The mods will get it to you as soon as possible, but please be patient. When you are given your prompt list, you will also be given your assigned tags. Please make sure to use these on every piece you post.

Then, go wild! Write as much as you want, but please do not spam the community. You may post a total of three times in one day.

Please only post pieces that were written originally for promptbingo; no art, and no pieces for written for other communities, prompts or events.
Pieces in any language may be posted, just so long as you mention BEFORE the cut that the piece is not in English.
Do not post more than three times in one day.
Please rate and warn for your work accordingly.
Please have respect for other people.
Place your work behind a cut - even if it’s only 100 words long.
Tag your work with your author tag and the relevant category and fandom tags.