Cap'n Shebang~ (etacanis) wrote in promptbingo,
Cap'n Shebang~

April Challenge!

 We're going to be doing things a little different this month. Instead of everyone having different prompts, there will be one prompt table for the entire community. The theme is Spring.

If you manage to fill each prompt (have written 25 pieces) by May 1st, you'll get a prize! It won't be anything special, but hey, who doesn't want a prize? :p You may only start posting fills for these prompts on April 1st, meaning you have 30 days to write 25 fics of any size. Any posted before this date will be removed.

If you are an unable to complete the prompts, you do not need to drop out, as they do not count towards your normal prompt table total. Sign ups do not close, so you may sign up at any time during the month.

Normal rules apply, so please be sure you've read those before posting.

No need to comment unless you need new tags or have a question  :) Just take the code below. Please make sure to use the challenge: spring tag when posting.
Spring New beginnings Green Fresh Baby animals
Flowers Vibrant April showers Clouds Blossoms
Easter Equinox Authors Choice Spring cleaning Gardening
Pollen April Fools Day Hayfever Earth Day Sweet scents
Father's Day Spring break Mother's Day Raincoat Growth

Table Code:
Tags: ! mod post, challenge: spring
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