♚ a little blue balloon. (tokitatsu) wrote in promptbingo,
♚ a little blue balloon.

"enough" [promptbingo challenge ★ karneval]

Title: Enough
Rating: M for fairly explicit sexual themes and imagery
Prompt: Unrequited Love
Word count: 1223
Summary: Whatever intimate warmth that existed within him was not meant for her, nor did she think it would ever be. Just being at his side and being trusted by him would be enough for her, meaningless fantasies about a voice that would be unusually soft when filled with the utmost tenderness for no one but her and intimacy and warmth be damned.
Notes: Written for the promptbingo challenge.

There’s not enough Tsukumo porn out there. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

WHAT IS THIS PLOT THING YOU SPEAK OF also how do i write tsukumo

ge mig glitter och glamour
Tags: author: phantomclock, fandom: karneval
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