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Title: Adjusting
Author: spicy_diamond
Rating: PG
Prompt: Lyrics: A Fine Frenzy – Near to You
         Such pain as this
         Shouldn't have to be experienced
         I'm still reeling from the loss,
         Still a little bit delirious

Disclaimer: All Quinrose and Lewis Carrol, I just play with them
Summary: [Clover, implied Julius / Alice] As hard as it had been to adjust to idea of Alice living with him in the cramped quarters of the Clock Tower, it was harder still to adjust to living without her.
Words: 307

There were dishtowels hanging on the oven door. Blue dishtowels. With what looked to be poorly embroidered cogwheels embellishing the hem.

It was by no means a big change, the rest of the kitchen stood stark and rigorously tided as ever. The towels were merely a small, pointless bit of decorative fluff meant to make things look more homey. But, even so, the sight of them was enough to make Julius pause as he entered his kitchen for the first time in what felt like a very long while.

A heavy sigh passed his lips.

He was being ridiculous.

Hastily tearing his gaze away from the dishtowels, the watchmaker gave himself a firm mental shake and continued on his way to the sink. Setting down his empty coffee mug with enough force to send cracks splintering through ceramic, he scowled. One hand cradling his work glasses as he rubbed the bridge of his nose.


The thought was reiterated as Julius flung open the nearest cabinet. His scowl deepening further at the realization that his cabinets had been reorganized. Plates and bowls all neatly stacked and sorted with an unfamiliar methodology, and his much needed coffee grounds nowhere to be seen. Replaced by a canister of flowery, herbal tea, labeled with an all too familiar girlish scrawl.

Staring for a long moment at the loops and swirls of black ink, Julius hesitated only slightly before taking out the kettle. The sudden surge of self-loathing filling his gut not quite managing to snuff out the clockmaker's urge to trace his fingertip over the delicately penned lettering, following the lines in a private moment of quiet nostalgia even as he clattered bruskly about the kitchen.

And, though Julius had never been a fan of tea to begin with, he drained his mug down to the dregs as he worked.
Tags: author: spicy diamond, fandom: heart no kuni no alice
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