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Voyeurism + French + Flowers

Title: Voyeur
Author: spicy_diamond
Rating: PG-13
Prompt: Voyeurism
Challenge: promptbingo
Disclaimer: All Quinrose and Lewis Carrol, I just play with them
Summary: [pre-Heart, Peter / Alice] Despite what she might think, he wasn't a stalker.
Words: 114

It had to be love.

She visited him almost constantly. Her presence tinged with a bittersweet melancholy so poignant that he could almost taste it on his tongue – darkly sweet and salty with unshed tears. The same way he imagined her kisses must taste like. And, he watched, entranced, as she slowly shattered around him, her world crumbling into ruins. Still so close and so very far away.

It was the first time in his life that the White Rabbit had been completely overwhelmed by the urge to touch someone else.

The solution was plain. Both maddeningly and terrifyingly obvious in its simplicity.

He'd have to have a word with Nightmare at once.

Title: Bed Bugs
Author: spicy_diamond
Rating: PG
Prompt: French
Challenge: promptbingo
Disclaimer: All Quinrose and Lewis Carrol, I just play with them
Summary: [Heart, Julius / Alice / Ace] Sleeping arrangements in the Clock Tower involve sharing.
Words: 506

It was a sign of how familiar with the odd hours the clockmaker kept she had become that Alice barely stirred at the sound of footsteps on the ladder. Instead, the girl merely yawned as their tiny, shared bunkbed swayed gently with the added weight second person coming up to sleep. Scrunched her eyes further shut against the soft light of the workshop, yawned again, and then rolled over. Burrowing her face down into the bedding in a way that meant Julius was going to have to cuddle or else forfeit his rights to a pillow.

The mattress dipped and a soft laugh drifted down to her ears.

“Oh lookie, I found a sleeping princess.” There was the light brush of calf skin gloves against her cheek and the old, tired springs of the mattress creaked in protest as the new occupant shifted. The motion rocking the bed in a distinctly un-Julius-like manner as a second laugh sent a warning thrum swimming through Alice's sleep addled mind. A puff of warm air followed the hand over her cheek. “I bet I can kiss her awake-”

“Ace!” Julius' sharp bark had Alice's eyes snapping open. “Get down from there.”

“Aww, but I'm tired...”

“Then go back to the Castle.”

“But Julius- Oh.” The knight blinked down at the girl laying on the bed and grinned. “Oops, looks like she woke up already. Drat.”

“'Drat'?” Alice gave an offended hiss.

“I was gonna kiss you awake.” Ace told her cheerily. Eyes deliberately sweeping over the the skin exposed by the low cut of her nightie, he leaned back down with a smile. “Ah well, better late than than never, right Alice?”

The knight was a hair's breadth away from making good on his threat when Julius' voice cut in warningly. “Ace.”

“Riiight, I'm getting down.” Looking distinctly unrepentant, Ace chuckled and pushed himself back up to his knees. Shifting towards the ladder, the knight peered over the edge of the bunk towards the clockmaker with a mock pout. Then paused. His smile returning full force as he eyed Julius up and down consideringly. “Though, you know, if we really squeezed in...”

Ace.” The clockmaker was not amused.

“It'd almost be like camping!” He continued, undeterred. “What do you say, Julius? I don't mind sharing if you-”

“Ace!” It was Alice this time, cutting him off and pushing against the bright red fabric of his coat in a defensive maneuver as she attempted, with limited results, to shove the knight from the bed. “Unlike you, some of us need our sleep.”

The knight just laughed harder.

“You too, Alice? Where's the love...” With a sigh that was more mischief than disappointment Ace shook his head. Letting himself be driven back towards the ladder, he swung his feet over the side pitching his voice deliberately low in one last parting shot as he did so. “...Don't let the bedbugs bite.”

Title: Send Me No Flowers
Author: spicy_diamond
Rating: PG
Prompt: Flowers
Challenge: promptbingo
Disclaimer: All Quinrose and Lewis Carrol, I just like letting them run wild.
Summary: [Joker, Julius / Alice, Gray / Alice] A trail of clovers leads Gray to Alice... and Julius.
Words: 304

Gray was elbows deep in a pile of dirty dishes when he heard the quiet rattle of the door to the kitchens being opened behind him. And, turning ever so slightly to see who it was, he frowned. His amber eyes narrowing visibly as Julius, emptied luncheon tray in hand, entered the room.

Returning the look blandly, Julius hefted his tray a bit higher before pointedly looking down his nose at the other man. “Something bothering you, Skink?”

“No. Not at all.” Tone deliberately airy with indifference, Gray went back to cleaning. Wash cloth moving in quick swipes over a clover-patterned plate. “...I just wouldn't have expected you to have need of our kitchens.”

Connected door or no, the Clockmaker had put a great deal of effort in separating himself from the inhabitants of Clover Tower. To see him leave his workspace was a rarity to begin with. But to have Julius purposefully enter Clover Tower proper...

Gray let out a soft snort.

“I don't.” If anything, Julius' glare had gotten even colder. Setting his tray down with a ceramic jostling clatter he straightened and, as he turned to leave, Gray could see the familiar patter of clovers lining the dishes. “But, I thought I'd return these.”

Two plates, two cups, two forks, and various other accouterments – the tray held the perfect amount for a table set for two and Gray was under no illusions as to whom the second setting was for.

And, seemingly aware of the ex-assassin's epiphany, Julius smirked.

“I'll try to remind her to use my dishes from now on.” Tension thrumming palpably between them, the Clockmaker gave one, last dismissive glance from Gray's upturned sleeves to the sudsy dishwater. “I'm sure Alice would hate to make more work for you to do.”
Tags: author: spicy diamond, fandom: heart no kuni no alice
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